Can I use tap water in my reef or fish tank?

We recommend using purified water from a reverse osmosis filtration unit with deionization, most definitely for a reef tank. As long as Tap water is dechlorinated, it can be used in a fish only tank. However, using r/o water can potentially eliminate some water quality issues.

How much water do I have to change? And how frequently?

For reef aquariums, we recommend a 5% to 10% water change weekly For fish-only aquariums, we recommend 25% change monthly

How much live rock do I need?

We recommend 3/4# to 1 # per gallon of water.

How deep should my sand bed be?

Sandbeds, for the most part, are a personal preference. We recommend between 1″ to 2″‘s deep.

Should I test my water?

For a reef aquarium testing the following is recommended, PH, Alkalinity (KH), Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate (NO2), Phosphates, and Salinity.

For a fish-only aquarium testing the following is recommended. PH, Alkalinity (KH), Nitrate (NO2), Salinity.

Does your store sell freshwater fish?

Pure Reef is strictly saltwater fish and corals

Are live corals plants?

No, corals are living animals

How much does it cost to set up an aquarium?

We use a formula of $40 -$45 per gallon for a reef tank and $30-$35 per gallon for a fish only tank. This includes the aquarium, stand, lighting, filtration, rock, water, and sand. Does not include livestock

Does Pure Reef ship products and animals?

We do not

How long will my animals survive in the fish bag?

Pure Reef packs all animals in plastic bags with pure oxygen. We can also provide styrofoam boxes. As long as the optimum temperature is maintained, they can live up to 24 hours.